The youth section of SC Fortuna Liblar has a new sponsor since the 21/22 season.

Due to the Corona and high water restrictions, everyone had to overcome some challenges, but now the players can play in their new outfits for the start of the second half of the season.

C. Harkämper, H. Karsch for the youth department, as well as a small delegation of the U19 team and their coach T. Kliemt, received the sponsor on 09.02.2022 to hand over the jerseys. The club, the youth department and the delegation thanked Monica Lucia and Markus Größgen personally for their support, also on behalf of the U33 team.

Now we as SC Fortuna Liblar start into the second half of the season with the dental billing service “Dentalbilanz-Mo” as a sponsor and hope for a long-term connection between sponsor and club.

As a thank you, the delegation of the U19 team presented club hoodies and T-shirts to the sponsors. The sponsor received the SCF fan scarf from the youth management.

Furthermore, the club and the youth department would like to thank the sporting goods manufacturer JAKO for the free provision (donation) of the field players’ jerseys incl. socks.

THANK YOU – Your sports field heroes

Text: Gabi Karsch / 11.02.2022